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I Love Disco UK


CD 1:

1 Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”

2 Imagination "Just And Illusion”

3 Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls”

4 Dead Or Alive "You Spin Me Around”

5 Samantha Fox "Touch Me”

6 Bros "When Will I Be Famous?”

7 Jason Donovan "Too Many Broken Hearts”

8 Mandy Smith "I Just Can’t Wait”

9 Sinitta "Toy Boy”

10 Shooting Party "Safe In The Arms Of Love”

11 Princess "Say I’m Your Number One”

CD 2:

1 Kylie Minogue "Kylie’s Smiley Mix”

2 Rick Astley "Rick’s Hits Mix”

3 Liza Minelli "Losing My Mind”

4 Hazell Dean "They Say It’s Gonna Rain”

5 Divine "You Think You’re A Man” (Remix)

6 Jakie Quartz "A La Vie, Á L’ Amour”

7 Lana Pellay "I Can Make A Man Out Of You”

8 Dollar "Oh L’Amour”

9 Carol Hitchcock "Get Ready” (Remix)

10 Kelly Marie "Feels Like In Love” (Remix)

11 Lonnie Gordon "Happenin’ All Over Again”

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